Meet The Project Delivery Team

These are the people and organisations working together to develop and deliver Manchester’s first fully filtered ‘active neighbourhood’ 

Levenshulme Be Network Logo

Levenshulme Bee Network Advocates

Street Advocates and School Advocates/Responsible for the community-led project and getting more people involved.

At the core of this project is the community. Throughout the process we have strived to develop ways that the community can take ownership of the project. Some people are able to take on supporting roles and dedicate a lot of time supporting the overall scheme (inputting data from the Levenshulme community street audits for example!) Others have been instrumental in developing project areas (like local walking buses and open street trials) and some have been busy writing summaries of crossing issues to feed into the filtered neighbourhood area. We consider these people part of the team, no matter how little or much time they have to dedicate. It all matters.


TfGM - Bee Network

Providing Funding and Guidance on Design Standards

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is the local government body responsible for delivering Greater Manchester’s transport strategy and commitments.We deliver the transport policies set by the Greater Manchester Mayor and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. We’re responsible for investing your money in improving transport services and facilities, to support the regional economy.


Jon Little

Conversation Starter, Co-designer and Mini-Holland Maker

An independent transport consultancy that specialises in working with people to make streets and places. Providing expertise and advice in transport planning, consultation and engagement, parking and traffic engineering sectors. An award winning sustainable transport consultant and the founder of Bespoke. Jon specialises in cycling, liveable streets, shared and combined mobility. As part of this process, Jon will be a vital source of experience on the ground as a key part of the project delivery team.


Local Authority

Planning and Highways Authority Responsible For Delivery of Project

Manchester City Council are working with the local community and its chosen partners to deliver the overall project. This will be the testing ground for a flagship neighbourhood wide walking and cycling scheme. Their long-term plan is to promote a number of these schemes across Manchester, to get more people walking and cycling. This will help reduce reliance on car travel for short trips.

Sustrans Logo

Sustrans North West

Delivering Consultation and Design on Filtered Neighbourhoods/School Streets

The national walking and cycling charity Sustrans is a UK leader in developing innovative, community-led designs that create streets which are safer and healthier places for people. Their community and design team will work with local people to find out the issues which matter to them on the ground and co-design street solutions which work for everyone.

Doers Do Logo

Pauline Johnston

Project Coordinator, Community Activator and Levenshulme Bee Network Advocate

An independent public relations and placemaking consultant, Pauline will support the Levenshulme Bee Network as local project coordinator, tailoring community activation and engagement approaches on the ground. As part of this project, she will help the community to achieve change, advocating for and with the community. Her experience will help join the dots between aspiration and implementation with relevant partners.

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