School Streets

Sustrans and School Streets 

Sustrans will engage the school communities and local residents in six schools with the aim of improving conditions in surrounding roads and outside the school gates – particularly during pupil drop off and pick up times. 

The engagement and design team will work closely with all partners, including Levenshulme Bee Network and Manchester City Council, to co-design, develop and implement ‘semi-permanent’ and permanent measures to improve conditions and safety. 

This includes School Street Road Closure trials where they are wanted and will be beneficial to the school and wider community. 

A period of trials in 2020 will inform the desire for permanent road closures.

Read more about successful school streets trials elsewhere in the country

The Big Street Survey

Through the Big Street Survey, the project will also look to engage parents and children in active travel to reduce the number of journeys being made by car.  Sustrans with the children will map children’s journeys to and from the school gates and create a manifesto for change for each participating group.

Using this information and their design team, Sustrans make appropriate recommendations on any small infrastructure improvements in the area which could impact numbers of children walking and cycling to school. This will also form  part of the wider design principles which will form the filtered neighbourhood design.

Finally, they will seek to help educate parents on behaviour at drop off and pick up using engaging and inclusive facilitation techniques during their period of engagement at the school gates and working with Levenshulme Bee Network Advocates.


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Project Area 4: Secure bike parking for everyone