Project Area 3: Developing Levenshulme’s approach to school streets and play streets

We believe the best way to develop a well used and well liked filtered neighbourhood is to ‘start with children’ and ‘start with the schools’.

At the school gates we can get a really broad spectrum of people to develop our ideas and future designs. On residential streets, children can explore independent play safely whilst neighbours seek to reclaim their streets from car dominance.

Levenshulme Bee Network have been supporting the development of active, community-led ways can work on that all important behaviour change to ensure more people are taking up alternative modes to travel to and from school. 

Locally  and with our partners we’ve been developing our version of ‘play streets’ and ‘school streets’ to reprioritise local streets for people, help make community interactions with each other easier and take steps towards rebalancing Levenshulme’s streets for people over cars. 

For more information on our approach and forthcoming plans follow the links below:

Levenshulme School Streets – Working with Manchester City Council and Sustrans.

Levenshulme Open Streets/Play Streets – Working with Manchester City Council and Transport For Greater Manchester.




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