Project Area 1: Design and Consultation - Filtered Neighbourhood

Learning and developing from best practice, we are looking at enhancing the streets that we live in, to improve how streets and crossings work, making the spaces safer and removing rat-running. 

Changes could include continuous crossings, modal filters and new road layouts that make walking and cycling easier and the streets more people friendly. The schemes would also enhance appearance, introduce greening and help improve the way the neighbourhood feels.

Sustrans Facilitating Co-Design and Consultation

We are excited to be working in partnership with Sustrans to deliver a collaborative design approach. Their expertise will deepen engagement and support the design and delivery of a ‘gold standard’ filtered neighbourhood scheme.

Sustrans will help develop the right solutions for our filtered neighbourhood through a programme of engagement and co-design. Together we will provide opportunities to engage and inform people in Levenshulme about the ambitions of the filtered neighbourhood, while establishing local understanding of the context, benefits and parameters of the proposed changes.

The Sustrans team based in Manchester will also utilise the experience of teams based in London and Scotland (where similar projects have been developed with their expertise) to support best practice approach to developing a flagship filtered neighbourhood that is uniquely levenshulme,  captures the ambitions of the Levenshulme Bee Network and matches the wider Made to Move principles. 

Engagement and Design Process

Deign Process


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Sustrans Engagement Approach in Levenshulme

Sustrans will host a series of engagement events, workshops and co-design activities with the Levenshulme Bee Network to find out the issues that matter to the local community and work together to co-design streets that feel safer, healthier and happier places for everyone.  

Together we will work with the engineering  and design team to develop designs and proposals to make improvements for local streets within the filtered neighbourhood area. 

As part of The Levenshulme Bee Network ethos to ‘start with the schools’ we will focus on six primary schools in the area which will benefit from redesigning outside the school gates with participation from children, parents, teachers and nearby residents. 

The grass-roots approach of the Levenshulme Bee Network means Sustrans can delve deeper into this community, using the existing local knowledge about the neighbourhood and information gathered to date to really take on the issues and challenges. 

The team will build on the active participation of local people in Levenshulme, working alongside Levenshulme Bee Network advocates as well as wider stakeholders. 

Sustrans are key partners in ensuring as many people have their say on our commonplace active engagement tool throughout the process.

Good Filtered Neighbourhood Examples

Have a read about the Sustrans approach to filtered, low traffic neighbourhood design elsewhere. 

For the types of things that could be considered ; see Enjoy Waltham Forest.

Below are some good examples of the types of modal filters we could see delivered here as part of our final designs from elsewhere in the UK. 

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Project Area 2 - High profile statements of intent along the A6 (new crossing, parklet, car bike port)

Project Area 2: High profile statements of intent along the A6 (new crossing, parklet, car bike port)