One of our project ‘quick wins’ will be the addition of a bespoke and highly visible, on-road parklet along the A6. 

An example of what a parklet could look like on the A6

What Is A Parklet?

A parklet is a mini-park that repurposes a car parking space to turn it into a space for recreation, play, socialising or resting. They can be made by extending the pavement and  providing things like benches, green spaces, gym equipment, dog bowls, giant chess games…the limit is your imagination!

What Is The Plan To Install The A6 Parklet?

The proposed area was identified by the initial Levenshulme Bee Network advocate group as part of the pre-bid engagement and could be situated in an existing parking bay near Levenshulme Antiques Village/Station South/Trove Cafe.

This will remove 2 x parking spaces from the A6 parking bay and will provide additional cycle parking as well as extend what is currently a narrow pavement for users.

It will also offer a place to stop, to sit and rest, re-prioritising an underused area of the high street for people and provide a distinct point of interest for Levenshulme. This will continue the positive engagement around the development of people friendly streets in the neighbourhood.

There will be more consultation and events around design as we trial the first parklet. We hope the parklet will become a new local landmark and be another Manchester first. The first of many for the neighbourhood we hope.

I’d Like A Parklet For My Street or Business. How do I get involved?


This is a trial and we will be seeking to engage with all of our stakeholders about the first parklet we install and the scope for more, based on feedback and strength of support for the initial trial. 

We know from best practice where they have been installed elsewhere in the UK, Europe and the USA (where they originated from) that parklets benefit from local ‘guardianship’ from local traders and residents. So we’re keen to build that in to the project.

We are seeking to work with local businesses on the first A6 parklet in support of better walking and cycling and socialising provision for the neighbourhood. 

We would like to develop a local model of support that informs the upkeep/guardianship of the the parklets as part of a collaborative effort between Manchester City Council and local traders. 

Watch this space for more information or send us an email to register your interest. 

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