Future Projects

We see the initial ‘Our Active Neighbourhood’ projects as the start of our active neighbourhood journey.

We anticipate that the desire to further improve the neighbourhood and trial new ideas to make walking, cycling and living in Levenshulme better for more people will naturally emerge as the journey progresses and more people get involved. 

Colourful Crossings, A Cycle Path For The A6, Resident Parking Schemes?

Some possible future project areas that have been discussed within the scope of our original bid proposal as part of the wider scheme development are things like Colourful/Art Crossings, Electric Vehicle Charging Points and Bike Docking Stations as a starter for ten…

In addition, ideas like Car Clubs and Resident Parking Schemes have already been part of early engagement conversations on the ground.

Of course, there’s joining the dots and creating a fully integrated and segregated cycle path along the A6 as well. We say, WHY NOT?! 

Anything is possible (with enough funding and the right support) and we believe that nothing should be off the table as we work with Manchester City Council and the project delivery team to explore the community’s ideas that come to the table.

Here’s a cool example of how to lay a colourful crossing part of a great project  in London called the  Brixton Design Trail. 


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