School Streets

Our ambition is to develop tailored measures for the school gates at each of the primary schools in the filtered neighbourhood area. We’ll be looking at things like school street road closures where possible as well as general traffic calming measures. 


Hackney Council have been one of the  few UK councils  so far to pioneer this approach. They have even provided a toolkit for other councils to assist.

They define school street road closures as: 

The streets around a school temporarily become pedestrian and cycles only at set times in the morning and afternoon. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the street between these times unless they have been granted an exemption.

You can register for an exemption if you’re a resident living or working in a school street zone, a business in a school street zone, or a blue badge holder.

Working With Sustrans On School Streets

We have six primary schools within our proposed filtered neighbourhood area. We will work together to develop individual solutions for each of the schools ( including School Street road closure trials) to create spaces safe for walking and cycling in and around the school gates.

As part of our wider ‘Our Active Neighbourhood’ project aims and to support the work to develop a filtered neighbourhood, Sustrans have been drafted in to develop individual solutions with the children, parents, teachers and local residents nearby which can improve the experience of the school users and encourage more active travel in the neighbourhood. 

Big Street Survey

Henry from Sustrans doing the Big Street Survey with Alma Park Primary

Levenshulme and Burnage Primary Schools

The primary schools involved are: St Mary’s, Acacias, Alma Park, Chapel Street, St Andrews and Cringle Brook and over the coming months, Sustrans will work up plans with each school to provide these individual solutions.

We are also working with Levenshulme High School to develop filtered neighbourhood ideas that tie in wit the wider scheme. 

Chapel Street Primary School Council


Park And Stride, Walking Buses And Clean Air Campaigns

Alongside the work Sustrans are doing, there are lots of complementary measures that the Levenshulme Bee Network wants to work with our parents, teachers and children on. 

We have been supporting the early stage development of community-led ways to drive that all important behaviour change to ensure more people are taking up alternative modes to travel to and from school.

Things like Walking Buses and Park and Stride have already been spearheaded at Alma Park and St Andrews Primary and we want to continue to support their grass roots development of these in other schools going forward. Keep an eye out for future events.

Women at school with walking bus signs

Walking Bus at Alma Park in June 2019

There are also many active parents who are concerned with the high pollution levels in and around Levenshulme. We are keen to support ways to fuel creative positive action with these groups and build a network across the primaries to link in common goals.

We will continue to support parents and teachers as part our our work to develop School Advocates for the Levenshulme Bee Network, through this programme