Bike Hangars

We will introduce bike hangers to Levenshulme, which provide secure covered bike parking on streets where there is limited space for storage in yards, flats or houses. 

Working with residents to identify priority on-street locations, we are keen to find out what interest there is locally and then we will work with residents to trial a secure bike hangar scheme for Levenshulme.

Woman opening Bike hangar

Each bike hangar provides six spaces to securely store bicycles with each space available for residents to rent and takes up approximately half a car parking space.

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Success Elsewhere

In the Lambeth borough of London, the first batch of bike hangars went in the ground in 2013. Now there are over 220 hangars installed in the borough and 55 more planned.

There is a sizeable waiting list for more to be installed in Lambeth and many other areas have followed suit proving their popularity with residents and part of the essential mix of getting more people on their bikes.


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