Levenshulme Filtered Neighbourhood Trial – Webinar Video Links

Here are the four webinar session which took place on the 4th and 5th of July to talk through the design rationale for the trials, a bit of background on the project engagement and how the funding works for the scheme.

It was also a chance for residents of each area to ask questions about the proposed filters and the wider project

Chapel Street Park Area

Cringle Park Area

Greenbank Park Area

West Point Gardens Area

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Jeremy Hoad

Please publish all of the questions submitted and the live Q&As for each Webinar.

1 year ago

As a resident that has followed the development of the project over the preceding 12 month period and would confess to knowing a lot about the steps taken to get to this stage, I have still learnt a great deal through these webinars. The webinars have been conducted professionally and have attempted to assuage any concerns. There is still a great deal of trust on my part that the evidence in a similar schemed area is mirrored within the Levenshulme area. As I live on a boundary or border or an encouraged ‘through-road’ I will be interested to see some of the longer term improvements to my street as a result of the direct impact to the wider neighbourhood project.
My concern has never been whether people can drive to the shops or are discouraged to do so, it is about controlling the speed of those passing through or using my street at a speed in excess of a the limit. The level of traffic as it is has never been excessive on Cromwell Grove but the lack of ‘policing’ has meant that the road is left feeling unsafe.
Coronavirus has proven that traffic speed (when traffic is reduced) has increased and this has been published as a concern/warning by Andy Burnham via social media, et al.
If boarder roads must become the main through fares for our filtered neighbourhood can we please also ensure that speed limits are observed with the help of bumps, chicanes or by becoming ‘one-way’ systems? Some careful consideration in this regard will also mean that as traffic is discouraged from entering residential cells as a means to cut corners and is instead encouraged to use the more linear route, those concerned by the initial and possibly permanent increase in traffic on these particular allocated streets is also addressed.
I think the scheme is fantastic and will benefit the community hugely. I hope this becomes the case for the entire community and not without those that are ‘taking one for the team’ on the through roads to allow for others to live in greater peace and safety.

1 year ago

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