Levenshulme Filtered Neighbourhood – A Report by Sustrans and Updated Q & A’s

Cromwell Grove Temporary Filter
What a trial modal filter would look like

Sustrans was commissioned to deliver a programme of community engagement and collaborative design activities to support the delivery of Greater Manchester’s first ‘fully filtered’ neighbourhood, as part of the wider Active Neighbourhood vision.

Within this summary report you will find the rationale behind the filtered neighbourhood options which have been presented for trial consideration. 

Please see the attached report here

We have also updated our Questions & Answers section to reflect the additional queries people have and provide more explanations. 

We will continue to update these regularly as the project develops.   

Previous versions of the Q&A will be filed in Useful Documents section of the website for reference and version control.

The next steps 


More Engagement

Using the information and outline design from Sustrans, Manchester City Council will look to work with local residents to develop a solution that can be trialled. 



The trial will be done using an experimental traffic regulation order (ETRO) which can be in place for up to 18 months before being made permanent or removed. This approach means that some changes can be made as part of the trial without needing to get a new ETRO. 

We anticipate that the trial will be for 6 months and in that time we will look at all of the feedback from residents as well as monitoring information before a decision is made to keep the filters. 


As well as working on the locations of filters, if residents are happy with their locations, the next stage will be to work with them on the final designs, giving residents the opportunity to be involved in designing the filters on their street. 


If there is agreement to proceed with the filtered neighbourhood, then Manchester City Council will be required to submit a business case to the Mayor’s Challenge Fund to release funding to cover the cost of installing the permanent filters, plus any other work planned to help create the Active Neighbourhood. 



Improving Junctions and Crossings


Other elements of the Active Neighbourhood include improving junctions and crossings to make them safer for walking and cycling.


A separate piece of work is underway to use the information collated from early engagement to try and prioritise where these improvements can be made, so that this can be included in the business case we submit to the Mayor’s Challenge Fund.

Comments (4)

Jim Horan

Do you have any predictions for the reduction in pollution around the schools as a result of the intended measures in the scheme?

1 year ago
Rachel Houghton

I can’t see the map online, I have tried several times but if I zoom in enough to see which road is which, the map is too blurred to see. I live on Spring street and have not received anything through the post. Please inform me of plans.

1 year ago
Jeremy Hoad

Will you publish the actual report as well as this summary leaflet, please?

1 year ago
Helen Jones

I fully support this scheme.

1 year ago

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