Manchester City Council Filtered Neighbourhood Trial Update

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Manchester City Council have today (26th of June 2020) issued a statement to update people on the delivery of the filtered neighbourhood trial originally planned this July. 

Details Below:

The project to improve road safety, health, air quality, and encourage active travel in Levenshulme and Burnage has had a lot of interest from local people. Many are excited by the scheme and others have concerns or want more information so they can let us know what they think. 

More than a thousand people have given their views online and face to face. However, a lot of people still have comments and questions, so we want to pause the introduction of the experimental traffic regulation order, which was the next phase of the project, to continue getting the views of the community to ensure the proposals have the widest possible engagement.

The trial period which was due to begin in July, and would have been the start of the formal consultation process. Instead, we want to take some more time to engage with people to answer queries and gather views, particularly on bus gates and road closures. 

Local councillors will be working with the design team to build on the engagement to date to ensure that this is accessible for the whole community. 

The comments we receive over the next few months will influence the proposals. No permanent changes to road layouts or physical changes such as permanent bollards, planters, barriers or cameras will be installed until after this final design has been agreed.

We are excited to move to the next phase of this project, and we want to work with all members of the community to deliver the best possible outcome for Levenshulme and Burnage.

We will keep you updated at every stage of the project. 

Residents are able to give feedback on Commonplace and  

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Frances Tweedy

I do not understand what the Levenshulme bee is proposing. I am neither for nor against the project.
I learned that there was a project accidently by a posting on Facebook but do not understand any details. Even on the website there is merely a map without any explanation, which I am left to interpret.
I can give no feedback till I have been informed clearly what the proposals entail.
Furthermore, I feel that the residents of M19 , including Burnage should have been consulted with transparent information about the project before it got to this stage.

1 year ago

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