Our Active Neighbourhood Vision Map Is Live

Vision Map for Levenshulme

Here it is. Our ‘Active Neighbourhood’ Vision Map Version 1.0 is live and we are really excited to share it with you. 

This is the result of a lot of people in the community getting involved with the project and providing local knowledge to enable the co-design with Sustrans and Manchester City Council.

Hopefully this plan will create a network of improvements which begin to address some of the issues discussed in the community design sessions and on the Commonplace heatmap and website. The next steps is to run a live trial to gauge the success of the filtered neighbourhood design and tweak the scheme with the community over the next six months.

Vision Map On Commonplace

To look at the proposals, have a read in more detail and provide your feedback on the vision map on Commonplace.

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Helen Clare

Have you got a map that can actually be read? Even enlarged it is impossible to see street names or even read the key.

1 year ago

I am local to Levenshulme and was not aware of this project until a neighbour told me about it the other day. I have just read about it today in the Manchester Evening News and am very disappointed I have not had any information regarding this project through my letter box as my street will be affected. I am not on social media and will not be the only one. Are there going to be any public meetings to discuss this? Is there going to be a leaflet drop to all residents in Levenshulme to inform them of what may happen in the future. I think it is important for everybody to have the opportunity to have their say and not just a few.

1 year ago
robert monk

I think it looks great, if anything more cycle lanes leading outside of levenshulme into longsight or connecting levenshulme onto oxford road, without needing to get onto the loop cycle path would be welcome. Connecting levenshulme to oxford road would be good for cycling at night when it is not safe to use the loop. Great job though, hopefully people will begin to understand more about the benefits of the network! Rob and Soph @ Ravenoak Avenue. Feel free to contact us for positive outlooks regarding the network via the email address supplied.

1 year ago
Gary Whitehead

Hi think it going to cause traffic in burnage just so levenshulme are ok

1 year ago
Carol Powell

The changes planned to Buckhurst Rd, Osborne Rd and surrounding roads look interesting particularly if they mean that traffic can’t cut through from Stockport Road; there have been many incidents of anti social behaviour on my street connected to this habit and impatient drivers who think they can beep, shout, swear, spit, throw things out of their cars and on at least occasion, hit other drivers.
If I have understood the proposals correctly and I did find it difficult to understand – why isn’t the consultation better published – then I have two questions.
1. What will happen to the parking on the station car park? The entrance into that car park is poor – difficult to access and not sign posted or maintained. People use the street with no name to park on or they use my street. They leave their cars on either side of the road rather than using the station car park, this makes it very difficult for deliveries,
utilities and emergency vehicles. Often these cars are here all day as people have used the train to commute to work and their cars to commute to the train station.
2. Will there be residents parking permits? I do not have a drive way or garage – this true for most people on my street. Where will we keep our cars?

1 year ago
Mrs. Mary Raw

Can’t see the names of the streets properly would appreciate a larger scaled map with streets more legible.

Thank you.

1 year ago

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