Revised Active ‘Filtered’ Neighbourhood Area Map

We Have Updated The Active Neighbourhood Area Map - Have A Look!

Revised Levenshulme Filtered neighbourhood Map April 2020

After valuable feedback from more of the community via the Commonplace heatmap and at local engagement events held with Sustrans in Levenshulme in both January and February 2020, we have updated the proposed active ‘filtered’ neighbourhood area.

As we look forward to embarking on the next phase of our scheme development and showcasing the plans for the filtered neighbourhood, we have extended the boundary to include two new sections and updated the Commonplace heatmap to reflect these changes. 

See the revised map above for the two additional areas we have now included after your feedback. The pdf file can be found in our useful documents or is downloadable from here.

The first iteration of the active neighbourhood boundary (in blue) was based on the concept of a 10 minute walk from ‘The Bee With No Name’ and agreed by members of the community (around 100 people) who attended initial engagement meetings in October, November, December 2018 and January 2019.

We said that this area was: 

“a good starting point, but it is by no means set in stone. If there are issues or ideas around the suggested boundary they can be identified in the commonplace heat map.” 

Read more about that in our Q and A here

Through listening to more people in the community it is agreed the two additional areas (in yellow) were important to include within the boundary. People viewed these areas to be in Levenshulme and identified key issues that fall within the scope of the project.

The the top five issues identified in the Northern addition (nearest Matthews Lane) on Commonplace were: 

  1. Walking here is not pleasant
  2. There’s too much traffic
  3. I don’t feel safe here
  4. Traffic is too fast
  5. It’s not accessible to everyone

The the top five issues identified in the Eastern addition (nearest Highfield Country Park) on Commonplace were: 

  1. There’s too much traffic
  2. Walking here is not pleasant
  3. I don’t feel safe here
  4. Traffic is too fast
  5. Traffic pollution

Going forward these additional areas will form part of our future engagement events and proposed trials. 

Part of the principles and ambitions of the scheme is that we’d hope it would naturally expand and join up as time goes on to neighbouring suburbs. The new scheme boundary will now be formalised in order to make sure we’re making best use of both resources and the impact of the chosen filtered area.  

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Sheila Standard

Hi, I am making contact from the “Bee Sanctuary Movement”, (volunteer group)located in Levenshulme, and currently working on our first Bee sanctuary on Highfield Country Park and Nature Reserve, along Cringle Rd.
We share common aims,to make Levenshulme a haven for people and nature, and we are championing the Wild bees, because if we look after them then we are looking after all wildlife. We have set up a charity, Bee Sanctuary Movement, 1187263, and we want the whole of Levenshulme to become a Bee Sanctuary. Our aims are to take neglected spaces and increase the biodiversity to favous Bees,through wildlife gardening and we are also committed to education about bees,and wildlife gardening for bees. Please come along and see what we are doing. We are on Facebook Bee Sanctuary Movement, and at some future point will have a website. I am the coordinator of the volunteers, and a founding Trustee.
I note that you have left Highfields out of your plans at the moment, but it is well used by foot and bicycle, although the paths are in poor condition.

1 year ago

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