Councillor Dzidra Noor

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Councillor Dzidra Noor

Councillor Dzidra Noor

Dzidra is one of our local councillors. A proud British-Latvian and Lawyer, she's been a continued champion of walking and cycling and transport improvements for Manchester for many years.

Q1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (Do you live, work, hang out here? What do you do?)

I am a local councillor elected in May 2014. As councillors on weekly basis we do door knocking sessions to speak with residents and find out if they have any issues or need our support. We also do a weekly advise surgery sessions where our residents can come to us with all sort of problems and we will try to resolve them. Levenshulme is very friendly and active ward with so many great community groups who want to work together to make Levenshulme Levenshulme even better place to live and work despite huge funding cuts from the government. 

Levenshulme has so much to offer from Levenshulme market, walk in the Highfield Country Park to Lebanese cuisine and slice of cake at Jandol, breakfasts  in Trove or Antique Village and lunch in Inspire.  After all those lovely eating places in Levenshulme I try to find some time to go to Arcadia gym. I am also a governor at Levenshulme High School for Girls and board member at All FM.

Every meeting gives me an opportunity to learn more about issues our residents face. Due to financial strains we need to think outside the box to resolve them by work together and never giving up.


Q2. What Interests you about the Levenshulme Bee Network (and how are you involved, if you are yet?) 

Levenshulme Bee Network provides residents with an opportunity to transform their street and neighbourhood to make it walking and cycling friendly. 

I became aware of the Mayor’s Cycling and Walking Challenge Fund whilst being a member at Transport for Greater Manchester committee. From many previous conversations with our residents I knew that Levenshulme will benefit from some cycling lanes and this will improve health for many as well as it will improve the air quality. I had numerous meetings with the officers from TfGM, highways, Chris Boardman and his team. As we wanted for Levenshulme residents to have their say therefore we arranged an open meeting in our Library and invited residents to share their views. We were delighted that so many of our residents wanted to be part of this great opportunity to make Levenshulme walking and cycling friendly. 

Q3. What do you see as the top issues in our neighbourhood? 

Unsafe pedestrians crossings, parked cars on pavements and poor air quality! 

Q4. What ideas would you bring forward to make positive change the place?
I would like for the residents to tell us what changes are needed to their streets as they know better what will improve their journey to local shops or school as well as improve their health

Q5. Finally, tell us what you love most about Levenshulme?
The community spirit and residents willingness to improve our area.

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Paul Smith

A great servant to the community. Outstanding and totally committed to her community (as are all her fellow Councillors). It is a pleasure and an honour to share a place with Dzidra and Bernard on the allfm board.

4 months ago

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