Henry Norman – The School Engagement Delivery Coordinator

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Henry Norman - Sustrans

Henry Norman

Henry is one of our people on the ground, getting to know people and issues in the area.

He is working with local schools to re-imagine and help re-design the streets around the schools as part of the work Sustrans are doing to develop 'our active neighbourhood'.


Q1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (Do you live, work, hang out here? What do you do?)

Hi, I’m Henry Norman, the Delivery Coordinator for Sustrans North Team. 

I am a newcomer to Levenshulme, but after six weeks of reasonably intensive work here, I feel like I have got a good feel for the place. It’s been a really pleasure discovering more about the area and finding out how everything fits together.

Q2. What interests you about the Levenshulme Bee Network? (and how are you involved, if you are yet?)

I have been working in schools across Levenshulme, delivering the Big Street Survey across six primary schools in the area. It gives the children in the schools a voice and allows them to feed into the broader Bee Network. 

It’s really great that the project covers all aspects and is giving everyone across Levenshulme a voice to input into the scheme to come up with a solution that works best for all.

Q3. What do you see as the top issues in our neighbourhood? 

While the sheer volume of traffic on the A6 cuts the area in half, I feel that the rat running to stay off the A6 spreads the congestion and traffic further across the area. That and the sheer amount of pavement parking.

Q4. What ideas would you bring forward to make positive change the place?

It would be great to introduce more filtered neighbourhoods, to make life healthier and happier for the people who live on those streets. It would be good to see some temporary street closures around some of the schools, to make them much safer for everyone’s school journeys.

Q5. Finally, tell us what you love most about Levenshulme?

I think Levenshulme has a really good feeling of community and that the strength of that has been the driver in making Levenshulme Bee Network happen